Normandy LOUIS Freestanding Baths - 1500mm / 1700mm

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Normandy LOUIS Free Standing Bath Tub

Aligning contemporary flair

Bring any bathroom to life

Material: 5mm Thick Sanitary grade Acrylic

Fibreglass Reinforced with Polyester Resin

Stainless Steel Frame and Adjustable Legs Under the Baths

Colours: White

Sizes: 1700X750X600 (height) - Waste located in the centre

Plug & Waste not included

Plug & Waste: Sold Separately 

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BATHTUB Popup Waste - 40mm Without Overflow P107T

Black BATHTUB Popup Waste - 40mm Without Overflow P107TB

Plug And Waste For Bathtub - 40mm Without Overflow POP-PLUGBATH

Warranty: 2 Years on acrylic shell against defects in material